Fragile Cosmos

Interactive installation
Confined space, projection screen, motion and sound detection sensors, bespoke generative real-time graphics software

As in a quiet forest, any movement breaks the intimate silence of the space, generating echoes that solely time can bring to fading. Only when stillness permeates once more, can the gentle uncovering of a fragile cosmos re-emerge.

Using bespoke software, the motion and noise levels in the space are registered. Any detected perturbation of stillness and quietness ruptures the gentle unfolding of the digital process. Once the stillness is restored for a certain period of time (minutes), the generative process starts again, emerging from the void of the canvas.

Each person is responsible for the other's experience as much as their own.
How to inhabit this ecosystem of mutual relations?
The public, standing on the threshold between observing and being observed, is invited to contemplate on the act of witnessing as a delicate form of participation.


Custom software developed in vvvv