Synesthetic Study #1

Video Sample.
Tenor saxophone, realtime graphics, sound analysis custom software

This study comes as part of the research on sound-image relationship.
In this specific case, the focus is the relation between notes pitch and the color.

The circle of fifths scheme, which is a geometrical representation of relationships among the 12 pitch classes of the chromatic scale in pitch class space, is here overlapped with the chromatic circle, representing the entire spectrum of color hues.

By using this association scheme, notes that have an high degree of consonance (because they are close to each other in the circle of fifths) have also similar colors. Notes with high dissonance, generate strong color contrasts.

The musician, looking at the immediate visual representation of the sound, can freely explore and study how notes behave chromatically and spatially.
Scales and chords become color palettes in which the eye distinguishes the internal balance or the instability, the regularity or the randomness.